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T.A.P Gel


We specially designed our kits for beginners to professional individuals and salons. Our Starter Kits consist of all the tools and products you need to get started. Our Color collections are a perfect way for you to purchase our T.A.P Gel. Each will come along with its own color chart making it easy for you and your clients to choose the desired shades.

*Bonus - Each Color Collection will include it's very own matching color chart*

T.A.P Gel Basic Application Step-by-Step:

  • Clean, trim and shape the natural nails. (Options: Add nail extension tips or use nail forms to build and to add extensions.)
  • Push back cuticles using the T.A.P Stone Pusher to prep the cuticle area.
  • Use a file, buffer or sanding band bit to remove all the natural shine to prep the entire nail surface.
  • Brush away any dust or debris.
  • Apply T.A.P Base Gel Primer + Bonder.
  • Cure 30 Seconds/ LED Light or 1 Minute UV Light.
  • Squeeze & Slice off the T.A.P Gel, with the metal end of the T.A.P brush, Apply gel(s) directly onto the nails.
  • Use 70% Alcohol Solution with the T.A.P Gels for a smooth application. This will also prevent the gel from sticking to the brush.
  • “TAP" and smooth the T.A.P Gel using continuous pressure.
  • Cure 60 Seconds/ LED Light or 2 Minute UV Light.
  • Wipe off sticky inhibition layer with alcohol. (Optional: Apply T.A.P Top Gel to seal the inhibition layer. Cure 60 Seconds/ LED Light or 2 Minute UV Light.)
  • Next shape the nails freely. Wipe and clean the surface when your finish. T.A.P Gel Nails application is now complete. 

Option: Apply additional gel polish, nail art or embellishments. Recommended fill-in every 3-4 weeks. 

To remove: Soak off with Acetone, wait until the gels are softened, and then file off using a med-coarse nail file or a med-coarse drill bit.


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