Dragon Bits Dynasty - Nail Drill Bits

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Dragon Bits Set

Set includes all six bits and one bit case, 7 pieces total

  • Talon Bit (Barrel Diamond Bit)
  • Heart Bit (Safety Spiral Cone Cuticle Diamond Bit)
  • Fang Bit v2 (Safety Typhoon 2 way Carbide Bit)
  • Tail Bit v2 (Safety Cone Carbide Bit)
  • Wing Bit ( Safety Cone Carbide Bit)
  • Spine Bit (Safety Barrel Carbide Bit)
  • Dragon Bits Case

 - Dragon Bits Set is great for all types of gel nails removal, application and finishing (soft/hard gel extension, overlay, colored gel polish, rubber base gel)

 - Dragon Bits Case is a compact plastic case perfect for storing bits. Can hold up to 14 bits. Empty case only. No bits included. Dimensions: 4' x 3x.5″

Removal Process:

Remove the majority of gel product with the Safety Typhoon 2 way carbide bit, which has a rounded top for safe e-filling near the skin. Use Safety Barrel Diamond Carbide Bit to lightly remove some more extra gel product. Use the Safety Large Barrel Diamond Bit to remove remaining color or lifting and to prep the nail. Then use the Spiral Cone Cuticle Diamond bit for to remove dead tissue around the cuticle area.

Application and Finishing Process:

Remove extra gel product to flush the enhancement to the natural nail plate near the cuticle area with Small Cone Carbide Bit.

Use Mandrel and Green Sanding Bands to buff the entire nail enhancement.

Optimal use at 8,000-22,000 RPM with any electric file machine. RPM will vary depending on technique, brands and freshness of bits.


0:13 Fang Bit (Safety Typhoon 2 way Carbide Bit)

0:41 Spine Bit (Safety Barrel Carbide Bit)

1:07 Tail Bit (Safety Cone Carbide Bit) 

1:22 Heart Bit (Safety Spiral Cone Cuticle Diamond Bit)

1:40 Talon Bit (Barrel Diamond Bit)

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