Gel II® Pro-Cure 2.0 Cordless Rechargeable Lamp - White


  • The Gel II Pro-Cure 2.0 Cordless lamp combines excellence and convenience for professionals, including a rechargeable battery, automatic digital timer with motion sensor, and safety auto off.

    Charge, carry, and cure! The Gel II Cordless lamp charges completely in two hours and has up to 12 hours of use. The lamp is fully charged when the light on the charger pack turns from red to green.

    Beauty and brains! LED bulbs with 36 Watts of power are placed to cure your all five fingers at once effortlessly. The LCD display on the back counts down as gels are curing and automatically shuts off after desired time setting (5, 10, 30, and 50 seconds). Set it and forget it, motion sensors activate when hand is placed inside.

    • 36W LED Lamp
    • 110V & 220V Compatible
    • Motion Sensor Activated
    • Cures All 5 Nails At Once
    • Mirror Interior For Even Light Distribution
    • Acetone Proof Housing
    • Up To 12 Hours Battery Life
    • Safety Automatic Off Prevents Overheating
    • LED Bulb Use: Up To 70,000 Hours
    • 1 Year Warranty