Gelee 3in1 Ombre Powder

Baby Boomer - GCP04-GCP17-GCP18
Butterfly Kiss Ombre Kit -GCP50-GCP56-GCP65
Candyland Ombre Kit - GCP16-GCP22-GCP23
Stardaze Ombre Kit-GCP43-GCP44-GCP47
Unicorn Sparkle Ombre Kit-GCP43-GCP44-GCP66
Sweet Pea Ombre Kit - GCP14-GCP15-GCP21
Sunset Horizon Ombre Kit-GCP42-GCP45-GCP47
Rose Blue Ombre Kit-GCP49-GCP50-GCP53
  • Blend your favorite Gelée 3in1 Color Powders for the perfect ombré effect. Gelée 3in1 Color Powder can be used three ways: Use with Gelée Powder Gel Nail System (our favorite method) with monomer as an acrylic system or adhesive as a dipping system. Three versatile systems all conveniently packaged in one jar!