Healthy Air Salon Room Air Purifier HD (High Dust)


Healthy Air Salon Room Air Purifier HD (High Dust)

Model:  HA-AP-2550-B

• May qualify for 'Lease-Free' payment terms
• Meets or Exceeds OSHA Standards
• Qualifies For Three Zone Salon Certification with PROMO Package

Salon Air Ventilation Eliminates Salon Fumes, Nail Dust & Chemical Vapors. Portable Nail Salon Air Purifier System with HealthyAir Technology.

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Healthy Air ™ combines an advanced eHEPA technology with advanced activated carbon filtration to capture submicron airborne nail dust particles as well as microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, with efficiencies exceeding standard HEPA grade filters.

Healthy Air™ technology also utilizes an advanced activated carbon filter in combination with an energy field to provide sufficient dwell time to effectively adsorb / decompose salon chemical vapors and odors.

Portable Air Purifier with Healthy Air Technology

  • eHEPA Filter For Removing the Finest Nail Dust Particles – Advanced Chemical Adsorption & Catalytic Oxidation
  • 240 CFM Air Flow
  • 3 Speed High Flow Fan
  • Reccomended for rooms up to 1000 square feet
  • Electronic Control Panel with Remote Wireless Controls
  • Easy & Convenient Filter Access
  • Pre-filter for Dust Particles
  • Activated Carbon Filter to aid hazardous chemical removal
  • Notification for filter change
  • Portable with wheels for easy relocation
  • Available in Black, White or Grey
  • Quiet Operation Noise (dB) at 6 ft. (Setting: High/56 Medium/52 Low/51)
  • Small 14"x12"x23" Footprint
  • 37 lbs 

Available Replacements 
Pre-Filter Replacement
eHEPA Filter Replacement
Advanced Activated Carbon Filter