JSIS Fresh Exfoliating Gel

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JSIS Fresh Exfoliating Gel

Buffs away dead skin - moisturizes - firms & minimizes pores

JSIS Fresh Exfoliating Gel not only removes dead skin cells, or trapped impurities on your skin, but it also leaves your pores smaller, your face more hydrated, and your skin brighter. Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not! This formula contains all the superfoods your skin craves (matcha, quinoa, chia seed & açai), but also includes ultra nutrient-dense ingredients like artichoke leaf extract and camellia sinensis leaf powder. No matter what the day throws at your skin, we guarantee this exfoliating gel will be able to remove it (even the dirt that gets trapped deep in pores!). If you’ve tried exfoliants before that were too harsh and left your skin feeling dry and irritated, then this is the perfect gentle solution. And, because our formula is so gentle, it’s safe to use on all skin types.


300G / 10.58 FL.OZ

When to use:

Use this Exfoliating Gel after you’ve cleansed and prior to using any moisturizers or serums. Can be used during your AM or PM skincare routines. We recommend using this twice a week for the best result.

How to apply:

After you’ve finished cleansing, pump gel into dry hands and apply to your skin. For best results, let the gel sit on your skin for a few seconds (you’ll notice it transform into an opaque, white color). Once the formula has changed color, begin rubbing in gel to start exfoliating (make sure to avoid your eye area when rubbing!). To remove, rinse with water and pat skin dry.

Skin type:

This gentle exfoliant is safe to use for all skin types.

Bonus Tip:

You can use this gel all over your body! Got dry elbows? Cracked heels? Go ahead and exfoliate all of your dry skin with this formula!

Star Ingredients:

  • MATCHA: We take our matcha seriously - Which is why we only use organic, ECOCERT - certified matcha that has been ethically harvested from our partnered harvest in Kyoto, Japan (the birthplace of matcha!).
  • CHIA SEED: Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are one of the best superfoods to help repair age spots and decrease inflammation.

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