Silk Touch - WAX POT - Hard Wax & Soft Wax

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by Zurno
SKU WaxPot002

  • 3 options:
    • WAX POT - SINGLE: Small, up to 450ml, good for Soft Wax
    • WAX POT - DOUBLE: Small, up to 450ml each pot, good for both
    • HARD WAX POT: Large, up to 5lbs, good for Hard Wax 
  • Multifunction: Use for Canned Wax, Wax Beans, Paraffin Wax...
  • Excellent Quality: Metal construction body and aluminum pot, wax warmers for multiple treatments or extra-large waxing areas.
  • Humanized Design: Easy to use, On/Off Switch, red indicator light on while heating. two handles for easy movement. the base has non-slip rubber feet for more safety.
  • Adjustable Temperature: Each unit features an adjustable thermostat control knob, adjustable temperature settings of 0-80 degrees Celsius (32-176 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Easy to Clean: Machine includes a removable metal wax pot liner for easy cleaning.
  • Warm Tips: For warm you wax quickly and effectively, we suggest you warm the wax with our warm pot directly, not through any other container.
  • Canned Wax Not Included, for reference only.

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