Sterilizer Pouches - 200pcs

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  • PERFECT STERILIZATION: Self-sealing pouches maintains the sterility of the contents until their use. Durable enough to protect different spa instruments including nail clippers and cuticle trimmers. Each pouch contains color changing indicators for steam and ETO sterilization.
  • CONVENIENT CONSTRUCTION: Self-seal pouches assure accurate and fast seal without the requirement of a heat sealing machines. Made with self-seal adhesive strips and triple-sealed seams to keep out contaminants and maintain the sealed pouch within.
  • HOW TO USE: After removing the protective strip, seal the pouch by folding the adhesive strip onto the pouch. Apply pressure from the center of the adhesive, towards the edges. Repeat this motion an additional time for extra security.
  • WARNING: Not for use by health care providers to sterilize medical devices. Inspect package for damage, moisture, or any sign of potential contamination prior to opening and again after opening but before use of contents.

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