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T.A.P Tool

T.A.P Dual Brush & Slice:

This brush is specifically designed to be use with T.A.P Gel Enhancement. The hairs are made of 100% Kolinsky and can be used with 70% alcohol to moisten and clean the brush. The brush tip is designed to achieve precise and accurate applications. The metal tip is designed to easily and precisely slice and remove the T.A.P gel from the tubes. Do not use with acetone, and make sure to completely clean off access gels after each use. Cap off each end after cleaning and store away from heat or UV light.

T.A.P Dual Stone Pusher & Silicon Tip:

This Stone Pusher brush is perfect to aid to push away dry cuticles and to prep the surface for gel applications. Can be use during manicures or other nail enhancements. The Silicon Tip can be used for various art applications.

T.A.P Alcohol Solution Jar:

Use this jar to store the 70% alcohol solution during your applications of T.A.P Gel. The jar is made of high-quality glass and can be easily cleansed and reuse.

T.A.P Squeezer:

Use this squeezer to conveniently help to push out 99% of the T.A.P Gel from the tubes. Made of aluminum material and strong plastic handles. Simply clamp the tube and twist to release the gels from the tube.

T.A.P Metal Crown Brush Stand:

Special design of this brush stand allows you to place multiple brushes and tools off the tabletop. Suitable for salon and all artist use. It is made of high-quality metal with a decorative pearl design around the rim. Size is 6cm diameter x 2.1cm height.

T.A.P Green Nail File:

  • Jumbo Curve 
    • Premium Quality
    • 2-sided 80 & 100 Grit
    • 25pcs/pack
  • Jumbo Straight
    • Premium Quality
    • 2-sided 80 & 80 Grit
    • 25pcs/pack
  • Option size:
    • Single pack - Best entry
    • Combo 2 packs - Customer favorites
    • Bundle 6 packs - Best value

T.A.P Mini Curve Buffer:

  • Premium Quality
  • 2-sided 100 & 150 Grit
  • 20 pcs/pack
  • Option size:
    • Single pack - Best entry
    • Bundle 6 packs - Best value



  • 1 - Reusable Metal File
  • Plus 15 Disposable Nail Files: 
  • 5 - 150 grit (fine)  
  • 5 - 100 grit (medium)
  • 5 -  80 grit (coarse) 
Simple and convenient press-on disposable files. Made of superior quality & attention to details.

T.A.P Disposable Sand File:

3 Grit Options:

  • Green - 80 Grit (Coarse) Disposable Files (pack of 50) 
  • Black - 100 Grit (Medium) Disposable Files (pack of 50) 
  • Grey - 150 Grit (Fine) Disposable Files (pack of 50) 
Disposable metal files are single-use tools designed for various metalworking tasks, such as smoothing, shaping.These files feature a strong & abrasive surface. Their disposable nature ensures consistent performance without the need for sharpening or maintenance, making them convenient for one-time or occasional use. These files come in various grits.



To Apply: 

Select your preferred “grit” and adhere it on to the Edge File Metal plate. 
Choose between 

150 (fine), 100 (medium), and 80 (coarse) grit.

To Remove: 

Simply peel back the adhesive disposal nail file away from the metal plate. The remaining sticky residue on the Edge Metal file can be removed with acetone. directly on the Edge File Metal plate, with options ranging from 150 (fine) to 100 (medium) and 80 (coarse).

Easy & convenient press-on disposable files.  Choose your favorite "grit" on the Edge File Metal plate. 

Choose between 150 (fine), 100 (medium), and 80 (coarse) grit.

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