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T.A.P Gel


T.A.P Gel is a complete Nail Enhancement System in which to build strength and foundation for anyone looking for a more lightweight and natural looking nails. Our Base and Top Gels are specially formulated to work together with our entire T.A.P Gel System.

T.A.P Base Gel Refill Kit 

  • 1 * Bottle 8oz Base Gel 
  • 2 * Bottles 15ml Base Gel
  • 1 * Pour Spout 

Description: T.A.P Base Gel is uniquely formulated with Primer + Bonder to create an adhesion to the natural nails, to prevent lifting and support with the applications of T.A.P Gel. 

  1. Prep the cuticle area and the entire nail, removing all shine using a medium grit file.
  2. Remove all loose dust. 
  3. Apply a thin layer into the entire natural nail bed and through the free edge, continue throughout the nail tips extensions if adding length. 
  4. Cure 30 seconds/LED or 1 minute/UV Light.
  5. Continue with the application of T.A.P Gel Nail System.

T.A.P Top Gel Refill Kit 

  • 1 * Bottle 8oz Top Gel 
  • 2 * Bottles 15ml Top Gel
  • 1 * Pour Spout

Description: T.A.P Top Gel is uniquely formulated to Seal + Shine the tops of T.A.P Gel, Acrylic and Regular Gel Polish. It works especially great with the entire system of T.A.P Gel Nail System. This is a non-wipe Top Gel Sealer. Once cured properly, the surface of the nails will remain shinny and scratch resistant for up to 4 weeks. 


    1. Make sure the entire nail surface is clean & dry from any moisture and debris.
    2. Apply a thin layer into the entire nail bed and through the free edge.
    3. Cure 60 seconds/LED or 2 minute/UV Light.
    4. Finish!


        Options: Apply T.A.P Top Gel over Finished Foundation of T.A.P Gel, Acrylic or Builder Gel.


        - Please use the link below to view/download the Material Safety Data Sheet.

        - Sử dụng link bên dưới để xem/tải về file Material Safety Data Sheet

        T.A.P Top Gel MSDS

        T.A.P Base Gel MSDS

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