TiaraX 4-Step Soft Gel Extension System

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TiaraX 4-Step Soft Gel Extension System

Kit content includes:

  • 1x Tiara Gel Tip Box (Long Coffin or Long Stiletto)
  • 1x 100/180grit Nail File
  • 1x 15ml Dehydrator
  • 1x 15ml Non-Acid Primer
  • 1x 15ml Soak Off Brush-On Gel
  • 1x 15ml Non-wipe Gel Top Gloss
  • 1x 6w Mini Flash Cure Lamp (batteries not included)
  • 1x Detailed Step-by-Step instruction card

 Full Package (9 items) includes:

  • Long Coffin Kit
  • Long Stiletto Kit
  • Extreme Coffin Tip Box
  • Extreme Stiletto Tip Box
  • Long Square Tip Box
  • Medium Almond Tip Box
  • Medium Square Tip Box
  • Short Almond Tip Box
  • Short Square Tip Box

Tip Box Details:

Long Coffin tip box - 12 sizes/600 tips/50 tips each size 
Long Stiletto tip box - 12 sizes/600 tips/50 tips each size
Long Square tip box - 10 sizes-360 tips/30 tips each size -  double size 5 va 6
Medium Almond tip box - 12 sizes/600 tips/50 tips each size
Medium Square tip box - 12 sizes/600 tips/50 tips each size
Extreme Coffin tip box - 12 sizes/360 tips/30 tips each size
Extreme Stiletto tip box - 12 sizes/360 tips/30 tips each size
Short Almond - 10 sizes/600 tips/50 tips per size - double 5 and 6
Short Square - 12 sizes/600 tips/50 tips each size
    • Toe Tips - 100% soft gel 
      • Long length
      • 12 sizes - #0 to #11
      • 600 total pcs per box
      • 50 tips each size

    1. What is Tiara 4-Step Soft Gel Extension System? Tiara 4-Step Soft Gel Extension System is a 100% soak-off odorless soft gel nail system that instantly adds length to your natural nails without the use of acrylic or hard gel. It is a huge addition to the future of the nail industry. You can now have  long, perfectly shaped nails in half the time or even less!

    2. Why choose the Tiara Gel Extension System? Tiara GelEXT is catered to all levels of licensed professionals including: 1. Salon Owners looking to add an additional service to your your menu. Nail Technicians who are just starting your career and are looking for something that requires less training time and a learning curve so you can start working and earning right away. Nail Artists that want to create perfect nail extensions in a shorter time while having more time to create beautiful designs and nail art.

    3. Who are my ideal clients for Tiara GelEXT? Anyone and every one who wants to have durable long nails instantly. Tiara GelEXT can help clients who have weak nails with a hard time growing out their natural nails. Long or extra long perfectly shaped nails are achieved quick and easy. Also, with a gentle removal process, brand new set of nails can be applied regularly with every visit.

    4. How does it work? Tiara GelEXT is a revolutionary soft gel nail system that comes in a variety of shapes and lengths that extend the length of your natural nails in a matter of minutes. They are pre-shaped and apply over your entire nail bed using gel to adhere to the natural nails. We included a detailed Instruction Card with each kit. (not sold separately)

    5. How long does it last? Tiara GelEXT can last up to 4 weeks (depending on your natural nail growth).

    6. How many shapes and lengths does the Tiara GelEXT have? There is currently 7 trending sizes available: Long Coffin and Long Stiletto (available in kits). Extreme Coffin, Extreme Stiletto, Long Square, Medium Almond and Medium Square are available separately in tip boxes.

    7. Can anyone buy and/or apply the Tiara GelEXT on their nails? This is a soft gel system designed for Professionals and Licensed Nail Technicians only. It is highly recommended to be done by professional and experienced licensed nail technicians to avoid damaging the nails’ health.

    8. How strong are they? Tiara GelEXT tips are made to be durable. With proper application, they stay attached to your natural nail until you are ready to remove them. Reminder: Just like any other nail extensions, your nails/nail extensions should not be used as “tools”!

    9. What are some of the benefits? Tiara GelEXT is quick and easy, odorless, with minimal filing and dust, leaving you with more space and time for nail art. Available in 7 trending lengths and shapes to make all your clients happy. Easy removal process can lead to brand new sets each and every time. Tiara GelEXT is the best alternative or great addition to your salon menu.

    HOW TO


    Step 1 dehydrator (click to view)

    Step 2 non acid primer (click to view)

    Step 3 brush on gel (click to view)

    Step 4 non wipe gel top gloss (click to view)

    Florence gel paint (click to view)

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