zTool Collection - zNipper & zPusher

by Zurno
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SKU zToolNip001

zNipper: Cuticle Nipper Untra Sharp

  • Made of high quantity stainless steel to assure a long-lasting cutting edge. It’s a must having tool in nail care kit for both women and men
  • Professional 14mm & 16mm jaw cuticle cutter ease for cutting cuticles and dead skin even can remove in the tiniest areas around the fingernails or toenails
  • Simply wipe the blades with alcohol after used. Packaging includes a plastic tip to guard against accidental pokes, and flannel bag to save the nipper, ensuring their life span.

zPusher: 2-Sided Cuticle Pusher

  • High quality manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel
  • Use to push and design easily the cuticles
  • Easy to scrapes the hard-to-remove leftover skin residue on the nail and great for removing glue when using acrylic nails
  • Excellent for removing soak off gel nails/Compatible with Both Natural and Artificial Nails.


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