Material Safety Data Sheet

Below, you'll find links to the MSDS documents for each of our products. Simply click on the product name to access its corresponding MSDS. If you cannot find the MSDS for a specific product, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding product safety, please don't hesitate to contact us.

List of MSDS Documents:

  1. MSDS for zBlend Powder
  2. MSDS for zGel Polish
  3. MSDS for Dip n' Duo Powder
  4. MSDS for Dip n' Duo Nail Polish
  5. MSDS for Dip n' Duo Gel Polish
  6. MSDS for zTop
  7. MSDS for zBase
  8. MSDS for WaxBean
  9. MSDS for PureWhite
  10. MSDS for PureBlack
  11. MSDS for zPrimer
  12. MSDS for Crystal Cateye
  13. MSDS for New Cateye
  14. MSDS for Blackhole Cateye
  15. MSDS for Matte Top Velvet
  16. MSDS for Line Art Gel - Bling Collection
  17. MSDS for 4DIP - #1 Bond
  18. MSDS for 4DIP - #2 Base
  19. MSDS for 4DIP - #3 Activator
  20. MSDS for 4DIP - #4 Top
  21. MSDS for Zurno Crystal Top
  22. MSDS for Zurno Crystal Base
  23. MSDS for Artist Gel Design
  24. MSDS for Artist Gel Design - Neon Collection
  25. MSDS for Artist Gel Design - Metal Collection
  26. MSDS for Zurno Acrylic Liquid
T.A.P Gel
  1. MSDS for T.A.P Gel 
  2. MSDS for T.A.P Top Gel 
  3. MSDS for T.A.P Base Gel

The Imperial Room

  1. MSDS for Structure Base Gel
  2. MSDS for KHI Thinner
  3. MSDS for KHI Ink
  4. MSDS for Art Deco Collection
  5. MSDS for Step 1 - Dehydrator
  6. MSDS for Step 2 - Non-Acid Primer
  7. MSDS for Step 3 - Brush-on Gel
  8. MSDS for Step 4 - Non Wipe Gel Top Gloss

Zen Builder Gel

  1. MSDS for Zen Builder Gel
  2. MSDS for Zen Gel Polish
  3. MSDS for Zen Top Gel
  4. MSDS for Zen Base Gel
  5. MSDS for Zen Nail Bonder Gel

    Important Note:

    The information provided in the MSDS documents is intended to assist you in safely handling and using our products. Please read each MSDS carefully and follow the recommended safety guidelines. If you have any questions or require further clarification on any safety-related matters, feel free to reach out to us.